I am looking for some more bass for the system I just installed.
I have a kenwood kdc-x679 head unit with their KAC-X541 AMp. Running 4 Boston Acoustice NX 97's in the car.

I have 2 problems/ Questions. First I would like some more bass. Not a lot just a little. Second space is at a premium. If I put a Sub ina a box in the trunk, then I probably can't get much else in the trunk, so I would like to put it somewhere else.

ANy thoughts on the smallest sub woofer, and where I would put it to give me just a little more bass?

Or have I made a bad choice with the Boston's and should put something else in the doors that would give it a little more bass?

Being a convertible, not sure about how much bass I can get out of the door speakers, and the hollowness of the car..

Appreciate your thoughts.