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Reload Thread: PPI Pro 10 , how good are they really?

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    PPI Pro 10 , how good are they really?

    I've had an 8ohm laying around after a good deal on Ebay . I never realized it was an 8ohm till it was too late . I was thinking of building a ported enclosure for it , but my PPI 6600 will only do 200W @ the 8ohm load . So I was thinking maybe a Linear Power 2.2HV , I'm after Sq , and have heard this is an excellent SQ subwoofer . What are some thoughts and opinions on these subs ?

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    Re: PPI Pro 10 , how good are they really?

    ive heard the ppi pro 12 flat pistons are NASTY. but thats hearsay. ive never actually HEARD them. and if you wire it to 4 ohm, you can bridge it most likely... but those old ppi amps are notorious for not being able to be bridgrd at certain resistances. you better be sure you are doing it right =p my buddy blew his 6ch ppi doin that- im gonnahave him get his 6ch fixed (ppi pc650?) and run 6 re-8's at ~100w @4ohm.

    i don know about a single 10 tho. im sure if its a flat piston it will have great SQ, i would get another if i were you.

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