Ok guys this is first post and I think you in for it.

1. 98' Tahoe
2. Eclipse Head Unit
3. Phoenix Gold TI 575.4 running 2 sets of MB quart 6.5's
4. Phoenix Gold TI 400.2 Running 1 12" PWD Quart Just got this
5. 1 Farad cap
6. Sealed RED TOP Battery 0 gauge wire.

I already have door speakers set up and running. I need to set up the SUB, AMP, and CAP.

1. Should I use the cap for both amps or Just the sub amp?
2. Should I split the power wire with 2 blocks with 2 outlets or just 1 with 4 outlets?
3. Can I tap into the singnal wire to turn on both amps?
4. Should I ground the cap to the same spot under the rear seat were the 575.4 is grounded useing a block. Or sould I just ground the cap to the rear cargo area were the sub will be?
5. The CAP instructions say don't use blocks with fuses. Just a fuse by the battery is this true?

Hope you can help I will have pics soon. Thanks