Well i have swapped over now to a modded laguna so i have had to start over with my audio system<br /><br />Already in the cars is a Pioneer DEH-2000r ARC<br /><br />And i have just today been donated a twin 12" Sub Box<br /><br />So what should i buy...I am looking for MONSTER BASS but with nice clarity..<br /><br />So what Subs 2x12" ???<br /><br />What Amp?? (For the subs)<br /><br />What should i do with the standard speakers it has Door pods and tweet in the dash and speakers on the rear quarters by the parcel shelf.<br /><br />SO do i just upgrade the fronts with a all in one in the pods and disconnect the standard tweets...or should i go for a component set???<br /><br />Do i run the fronts off the head unit of would it be best to install a seperate amp<br /><br />Should i put some speakers in the back i.r 6x9`s or in the existing pods....<br /><br />SO<br /><br />1. What Subs<br />2.Amp for subs<br />3.full range or components in the front<br />4.use amp or run off head unit (fronts)<br />5.install rear speakers or not<br /> ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APRECIATED!!<br /><br />Thanx<br /><br />Darren