It is common knowledge that this forum is considered a "newbie" forum, where those that are first getting into car audio generally begin. That being said, more knowledgable members do what they can to provide an environment in which intelligent questions can be answered. Intelligent, in this case, is the operative word. Since nobody enjoys reading a novel as a sticky, I'll make this short, and blunt.

1) There is NO best sub, no loudest sub, no best sounding sub period.
- ALL threads asking what the best sub is will either be deleted, or the thread starter publically ridiculed, and then deleted so that retorts are useless. Just because you're new does not mean you cease having higher brain functions. Use the search button.

2) How many DB's will you hit?
- Somewhere within the audible range of sound is your answer. Don't ask questions with infinite variables that are yet to be determined. Deleted on sight.

3) SubX vs SubY
- Do a search. Seriously. At least 100 threads on every possible sub.

4) Play nice.
- As the name suggests.

I love you all like detached in-laws,