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    Many questions! Help! PLZ!!!

    Please help me anyone... I had a few questions I have been losing sleep over:<br />1. What is a crossover? Is it a unit or is it included with an amplifier? Please tell me as much as you can about this.<br />2. I heard that it is possible to send about 1100 Watts RMS to an Infinity Perfect 12 (350 RMS recommended) without blowing them. I told them they were stupid but they said that so long as you have "The Gains Turned Down Low" and "Good voltage flow" then they will be very loud and not blow. #1 Are they right? #2 How do I know how low to keep it if I want to send it a lot of power? #3 How do I know if I have enough voltage flow and what is a good amount of volts?<br />3. My current amp (RF Punch 800.2) has no little gain knobs although there is a little hole with where I would think they should be. However, I have one of those accesory knobs where I turn it and the subs go louder. Would that just override the gains so I would not need them anyway or: #1 Should I not trust the dealer because he might have taken them off. #2 Did it just come like that? #3 Should I ask about it?<br />4. A loud "WHINE" comes out of all speakers when I turn on my car and when I put my foot on the gas pedal. I took it into the dealer and he said he would fix it. So I waited 15 minutes and he said it was done. Then when I turned the car on my tweeters had the gain all the way down and the mid gain was all the way up and the whine was still there and actually louder (it seemed). So I turned up the gain on the tweeters and then a really really WHINE-y sound came out like when you put a microphone really close to a speaker or something except much worse. So since I had to leave I just kept the tweeter's gain down and went on my way with the whine continuing. If there is anything I can do what should I do?<br />5. #1 Is a Kicker Comp VR 10" capable of better SPL than an Infinity Perf 10"? #2 Is a Kicker Comp VR 10" capable of better SQ than an Infinity Perf 10"?<br />THANK YOU TO WHOEVER RESPOND!!! AND GOD BLESS YOU!!!. If I can get these questions answered I will be a much much much happier person and I might actually get a good night's sleep. THANK YOU AGAIN!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! ANY RESPONSES ARE WELCOME AND THANK YOU AGAIN!!! <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"> <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"> <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">


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    Holy potatoes, you've must of been up for days thinking about this. <br />1. A crossover can be an external unit or an internal unit. Most amps have built in crossovers. These x-overs however are usually just filters that filter out unwanted frequencies. An external x-over unit is usually an electronic x-over which can completely cut out unwanted frquencies. The elctronic is much better.

    2. It is very possible that an Infinity Perfect 12 can handle over 1000 watts with out blowing. Most decent subs can handle much more power than their RMS watt ratings say they can, as long as the power is clean. As general rule of thumb for amps, I wouldn't turn the gains up more than 2/3 of the way. Remember this is just a general rule, there can be exceptions.

    3. Take a look inside that hole on your amp where the gain setting should be. You may even need a flashlight. Do you see it? That's the gain control knob in there. I had to use an eyeglass screwdriver to adjust mine. If somebody can explain to me why Rockford does this on only some of their amps that would be great. It's annoying that they do that anyhow. I have a Rockford amp that came like that, but it did not include an external volume knob.

    4.Good voltage flow comes from a series of components in your electrical system. These can include your alternator, battery, capacitor, ground wires, and power wires. All should be strong enough to handle the load and in good shape.

    5. About that whinning sound. Congratulations, you have alternator whine. This is a common prob that can be very annoying because you can spend hours trying to get rid of it. This most commonly happens when a signal/RCA cable (Low voltage cable) picks up interference from a power cable (high voltage cable). Here are some possible probs and solutions: Your power cable crosses your RCA cable somewhere in the wiring. Your RCA cable is touching bare metal somewhere, your RCA cable has poor insulation. You can buy in-line noise blockers or retrace your wiring. I'd retrace your wiring before I'd splice into your speaker wires. Good luck.

    6. Kicker is basically a good SPL sub. Infinity is a little more SQ than SPL.

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