Well I am getting ready to build a new system. About 5 months ago I bought my first product in Car Audio which were a pair of Audiobahn 1251Ts (12") in a bandpass box. Needless to say they really sound bad. I only have the Rockford Fosgate 200.2 (600w Rating) pushing them, but they were really cheap off eBay ($150 for subs and box). I was just getting my feet wet. I am ready to build a real system now. The only problem is that I have a 2004 Mazda 6... and if you don't know there isn't much you can do about an aftermarket HU, you pretty much have to stick with the Factory because of all the integrated ****. It upsets me, but I deal with it. Anyways enough about the ****** stuff... I want to start off right. I Am looking for great SQ but I also want to feel the bass. I am willing to spend a little more then I did on the previous system and get high quality products.

I am hoping I can find most of my stuff online as I live in the middle of nowhere with only one Audio shop which really blows. So can anyone help me out. If I left anything out you need, please ask me so I can further the information for you guys to help me.

Thanks for helping me out!