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    cani do this

    can i run three dvc subs each at 2ohms and then wire them all together at the amp to end up with a two ohm load? this may sound stupid but if it works sweet.

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    jon- are they dual 2ohm voice coil subs<br /> or are they dual 4ohm voice coil sub wired in <br />parallal (<br /> meaning plus to plus and minus to minus<br />to get a 2ohm load)<br /> also what kind of amp (brand) wil you be using for these subs and how much power does it<br />make at 2ohm bridge/mono <img src="cool.gif" border="0">

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    they are rockfords punch hx2s (dual 4 ohm) and i will most likely be powerinthem with a jbl 1200.1 can i run the three subs wired seperatly at 2ohms each to the amp and end up with a total of a 2ohm load from the three subs. if so kick ***

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