I have a vw passat and just purchased these speakers. I was going to get last years 10w6's, but got a sweet deal on these v2's. I'm planning on building my system around them, but I do have a few questions for anyone willing to help.

I plan on purchasing a JL 1000/1 to power them. I am also considering a custom install in the rear deck, because I was told this works well in German cars (something to do with tight trunk construction). If I do this, (no box) am I sacrificing the speakers capabilities?

My other question is regarding satellite speakers. I plan on just replacing the front factory 6.5 separates and turning down the rear factory speakers. I had the MB Quart RCE 216's in mind. I would power them with another JL amp. Does this sound ok, or will the subs just overpower these speakers?

The only thing I have right now are the 2 10's, so I'm open to suggestions!