Truck is a 99-07 classic ext cab. Doing an under the seat setup. Thinking of either 2 10's, 2 8's, or 4 8's.

I will be using my older kx 1200.1 or will be buying a newer kx 1200.1 or an RF T1000. As of now I have my mind set on 4 8's
for some reason. Mainly due to the fact I found a "deal" on 4 8" L7's. But how would they perform sealed with 250w on them? Found a deal on 4 8" comp vr's that im also considering. Im mainly looking at used to save money. Ideally 2 10" Sundown SD's would work great?

Also does anyone on this board have much experience with Subthump boxes? Just give an idea, heres how much space I have to work with. Refer to the subthump box specs.. 99-06 boxes

Edit: nevermind Subthump only posts air space specs.