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Reload Thread: single 15" ported, lowest F3?

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    single 15" ported, lowest F3?

    I am looking at purchasing a 15" sub for 600-800RMS, which I want to be able to tune into the mid/low 20Hz range. Box will be fiberglass, probably around 3.5 cubes give or take. Obviously I am not trying to win an SPL competition with that tuning frequency and power rating.

    I have searched but haven't found any comparisons of resonance frequencies specifically for getting low. Certainly there are a ton of useless vs. threads but I haven't gleaned a lot of useful information from them.

    My initial impression was to go Obsidian 15" because it looks like the F3 is just a little lower than Sundown. I want to be able to enjoy it daily and not have it overpower my other Morel components. The car is built for racing and weight is a concern, so I won't buy a subwoofer that has an 80 pound magnet for looks.

    I haven't bought the sub amp yet and was considering something that won't sound like crap, but also don't need a McIntosh either. Maybe Sundown, or if cheaper will be ok, a PPI Black Ice.


    I also have a 5th channel available on my primary ARC Audio amplifier with 200w RMS for 4 ohms only, and considered running a sealed 10" for midbass in addition to the 15 but think it might be a waste of time and space.


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    Re: single 15" ported, lowest F3?

    Dayton Audio RSS390HO-4 15" Reference HO Subwoofer 4 Ohm | 295-469

    there you go

    edit: 600 - 800 rms at 1 ohm or 2 ohms?

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    Re: single 15" ported, lowest F3?

    ppi black ice is a great choice


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    Re: single 15" ported, lowest F3?

    since its a racing car, why not go with a pair of 8s or single 10 or 12 and tune low? the 15's not gonna be to heavy, the enclosure will be though if your going for lows. Your gonna want a birch enclosure instead of normal mdf to save on weight.

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