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    RF subs in sealed enclosure

    If i put two RF Hx2 Punch 12inch subs in a sealed box to the right specs, will i get improved SQ? In other words, will the "boominess" of these subs be slightly decreased and will I get better response from the subs?

    I'm more interested in SQ, and am wondering if the sealed box will help enhance that.

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    Re: RF subs in sealed enclosure

    in a sealed box vs ported? yeah it will help a bit. but ur still using RF subs so the SQ wont be that good no mattter what. If i had RF subs id port them..

    Upcoming SQ competition ready install...
    -Eclipse cd8053
    -Image Dynamics Cd1Pro MH
    -Image Dynamics 6.5" mids with CX motors and poly cone in custom fiberglass kick panels
    -12" Stereo Integrity Magnum in large sealed fiberglass wheel well enclosure.
    -Viper d1200.1 (sub), Viper 400.2 (mids), David Navone Amp-100 (horns)

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