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  • Sundown ZV4 18"

    1 12.50%
  • Fi SP4 18"

    3 37.50%
  • SQ HCD4 18"

    2 25.00%
  • the 12" Kicker CVR in my basement

    2 25.00%
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Reload Thread: Really need help picking an 18" sub

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    Really need help picking an 18" sub

    I have been all over the place the past few days trying to figure out what I need. So here is what I have to work with...

    2002 Infiniti I35, it has a decent sized trunk (same as 00-04 maxima), folding rear seats, and it rattles like hell


    * Mechman 270 amp alternator
    *big three done with 2/0 welding cable
    *run of 2/0 welding cable to rear battery
    *Diehard advanced gold agm (775 CCA, 55AH) front
    *Diehard platinum agm (930 CCA, 75 AH) -rear

    Box Specs

    *can fit up to 8 maybe 9 cubes
    * plan on tuning to around 26-28 hz via a 8" aero
    *using birch ply for majority of the box with double mdf baffles
    *bed liner outside, enamel paint inside

    I want good sounding low bass, but enough cabin pressure to do a few bass tricks. my budget for a woofer caps at 620 bucks, but I would like to spend alot less

    Subs I am currently considering Include

    * FI Audio SP4 18" w/upgrades
    *Sundown Audio Zv4 18"
    *SQ HCD4

    I am also unsure how much power i want to throw at whatever I get, recommendations on amps are also welcome, just note my overall budget caps at 1'100 tops

    and I applogoize for this being so similar to my last thread, i'm just trying to narrow down my choices

    Ride: 2002 Infiniti I35
    HU: Pioneer PRS-80 w/ a JL Audio Linedriver
    Front Stage: Infinity ,Infinity KAPPA 6.09cs (front doors, rears need replacement)
    Sub Stage: Sundown Audio Z.V4 18"
    Front Amp: Soundqubed 120.4
    Sub Amp: Soundqubed 2200.1
    Power: Mechman 270A alt, Diehard advanced gold agm (775 CCA, 55ah) XS Power D3100, and something like 40' of stinger pro series zero gauge throughout

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    Re: Really need help picking an 18" sub

    Sd zv4 !

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    Re: Really need help picking an 18" sub

    HDC4 18 and 3500.1 would come in under budget during the black friday sale, but I wouldn't tune an HDC4 that low personally....

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