hey everyone out there im a 16 year old, with a subaru impreza sport (hatch back) i really want to put a anwsome system in, i already have a nice panasonic head unit, im going on a road trip this summer so i want to putmy system in soon, the problem is, is that i dont have too much money and dont want to use up all the space in my car, so really all i listen to is rap so i was thinking about putting 1 twelve in my trunk, soo all in all i want to put 350 or under into it all which i know isnt much money. ive been looking around and came up with a few different things. a crossfire cf312 sub 85 a crossfire vr202 189 a slotported box for 59, a rockford p1 for 85 a clarion 4 channel amp for 150 and thats about it any one withany suggestions i could use it.