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Reload Thread: Amplified Bazooka Bass Tube 8" - Tube Finish?

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    Icon32 Amplified Bazooka Bass Tube 8" - Tube Finish?

    Hey everyone so I am very very! new to putting any kind of bass in my car and I am not planning on blowing up the bass like some people do that just doesn't make it sound good at all.

    Anyhow I bought two Bazooka's recently used one amplified 8" and one non amplified 10" they both have insulation inside which im guessing is normal and they both seem to have the original speaker which came with the Bazooka tube.

    The thing is that both tubes have some blemishes, or scratches, white areas, they seem to have been stored around a concrete floor or moved - not really sure but I was planning on buying some possible vinyl wrap or gunmetal wrap or even carbon fiber wrap on ebay and cover them in a new wrap to make them look awesome or just give it a fresh look.

    That is fairly easy but I was wondering is there some sort of compound or material that I could use to make the bazooka box look new again? they are both black I thought about even covering the speaker and then spray painting the whole box black to see if this would help but I don't know if this is the smartest move since I have never done this. I have some spraypaint from home depot I bought like last month but would like to hear peoples opinions before I do anything drastic.

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    Re: Amplified Bazooka Bass Tube 8" - Tube Finish?

    I've got one laying around, they honestly don't sound very good, but if you're looking to re-finish it, the best thing I can think of the match the look of mine would be the rustoleum bedliner in a spray can, you'd probably have to spray the whole thing.

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    Re: Amplified Bazooka Bass Tube 8" - Tube Finish?

    If your going to do Berliner I'd suggest duplicolor over rustoleum. I had much better luck.. just heat the can up a bit first.. I soaked mine in some warm water.

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