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Reload Thread: Is more louder?

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    Is more louder?

    Hey guys I currently have one 12 inch band pass and one 15 inch band pass. I plan to add two more 15 band pass subs and one more 12 inch, would this increase the loudness? or would it stay the same?

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    Re: Is more louder?

    Surely your joking right? Adding more subs doesn't increase the "loudness," you need to also add more power (amplifiers), batteries, etc.. Understand the basics of car audio by doing a little research before asking questions that will make you look bad.

    You can have 1 15" Sub with an amplifier feeding it (as an example) 2k watts (if the sub can handle it), in a finely crafted ported box made to the specs of the sub. This 1 sub/amp/box combo will be louder than the simple addition of more "bandpass" (I don't know what you mean exactly when you're stating this) subs.

    Doing the setup right the first time will save a lot of time and money in the future.

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    Re: Is more louder?

    you dont want to mix sub sizes period man, it'll make you go negative on the sQL meter. This is your 2nd thread about this man. People gave you advice whether you take it or not is up to you but dont clump with useless threads. Instead of just adding more, why dont you get better quality ones instead, your tobey speakers subs are in a good box but it doesnt mean they are the best subwoofers to get loud with for the money.

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    Re: Is more louder?


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