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Reload Thread: troubles Setting gain

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    troubles Setting gain

    For some reason every time i post in the other thread i made it says a moderator must approve it and they never appear.

    anyways when I set my gain on my soundqubed aq750 with a multimeter to 750w as it's wired at 1 ohm with my volume on my deck at the max i listen to it at the sub barely get's any power(gain at half). So i set the gains per the manual (increase gain until the light on the remote shows clipping and back it off a bit and my sa12 pounds now. only thing is my gain is 3/4 the way up and I've never had it that high to get the power my sub needed( i know no one wants to hear where my gain is set as everyones is different). is this normal for the set voltage to be so off? the amp doesnt even get warm and theres no distortion i can hear so it all seems good just a little wierd.

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    Re: troubles Setting gain

    Are you using a 0db tone.. most music isn't that loud so that's why it isn't reaching potential. If it sounds good the sub handles it fine and your clipping light isn't on constantly then leave the gains where they are.

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