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Reload Thread: difference between sundown sa-8 v2 regular and spl version

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    difference between sundown sa-8 v2 regular and spl version

    does anyone know the difference between a regular sundown sa 8 v2 $185 and sundown sa 8 v2 spl verson $199..? I plan to feed It 750 rms.

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    Re: difference between sundown sa-8 v2 regular and spl version

    The regular will take 750 in a good enclosure the sports one is not going to be as musical either

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    Re: difference between sundown sa-8 v2 regular and spl version

    The "stock" SPL units have a CCAW voice coil -- thus a higher FS.

    Otherwise they are the same -- they still have two spiders.

    We do custom units with as many as 6 spiders.

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