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Reload Thread: The SSA 10" DCON subwoofer's TSP

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    Icon33 The SSA 10" DCON subwoofer's TSP

    DCON 10 Sound Solutions Audio 10" 300W DCON Series Subwoofer - SSA STORE
    ^Here's what it is^
    I just wonder if the Sd can be anywhere near accurate. The Sd of my two 10" subwoofers is about 78in^2 or . I would like to give them a try because of the nature of their Theile-Small parameters and how well they seem to fit into a 1/4 length transmission line's needs. i.e. the low Fs, Qms& Qts are within the recommended range, and the 121.65in^2 Sd. Hopefully i'm not just misinterpreting this and there is truth to their ratings.

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    Re: The SSA 10" DCON subwoofer's TSP

    Our specs are accurate, but the Dcon is going through a model design update/upgrade so they are not available at this time. mod(original)

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    Re: The SSA 10" DCON subwoofer's TSP

    The site shows the sd to be 309cm^2 or 47.89in^2. Where did you get 121.65? That would be between a 12 and...maybe around a JL 13.5.

    121.65/3.142 = 38.71
    sqrt 38.71 = 6.22
    6.22 * 2 = 12.44

    The 47.89 comes up to around 8 inches which would be about right for a 10 inch sub. In any case, if your 10s are 78 or 39 each it would be a little more area for you.

    Guys, let me know if I am off on anything here.

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