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Reload Thread: Question about the Zv4 15's. NEED HELP.

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    Question about the Zv4 15's. NEED HELP.

    Alright, so I've just got a quick question for you guys. So, currently I am sporting 2 Zv3 15's in a custom built box in my Scion TC running off an SAZ3500 at 1 ohm. The box is 6.9 cubes net, has 96 inches of port area, port length of 21 inches, and is tuned to ~34hz. My Z's are loving the box, the power, and the whole setup. They have zero mechanical issues or noise even at very high volumes. This box is really catered towards them, and they are performing beautifully.

    Now, for my question having set the premise.

    I am contemplating ditching the Zv3's and moving up to the Zv4 15's. Before I make such a move though, I want to know a little more about them. Can I get a little insight on the recommended box specs? I cannot find them ANYWHERE! I don't think they've been released?... but I've heard they'll need a larger box than the v3's because of the larger Xmax? I want to know if the Zv4's can just be dropped down into the said box above.. and is that box IDEAL for them? I want to know about how optimal that box size is for the Zv4's because I don't want my Zv3's to outplay them because of the fact that the box I have is more optimal for them. Given the same box, changing no variables, will the Zv4's outdo and accept that box happily? I know the box is everything in sound practically.

    Thank you. Any help would be awesome!

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    Re: Question about the Zv4 15's. NEED HELP.

    def gonna be larger than the box you have now. not by a whole lot but i think youd ideally want around 8-10 cubes for two. im walling on two zv4 18s and were doin 12-15 cubes

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