Hi i know this is probably an irritating question, but im new here and im at a loss for what subs, and box to use with the amp. The amp is rated at 1000w at 2 ohms. I will be running the amp at 2 ohm. Ive never had an amp this big so im not sure what subs will work best, and what box with work best for the subs. Im thinking i should have 2 12"s that have an rms around 500. the only subs im familiar with that would be good (or at least i think, and im not familiar with many subs) would be the new fosgate punches (p312d4) and the jl w6v2. I may want to upgrade to a bigger amp down the road, possibley a fosgate 1600w, but thats not a main factor. But right now $250 each about max for what id want to spend. what type of box should i use? So what would you recommend? Thanks for your time.