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Reload Thread: help... spider seperating from cone...

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    help... spider seperating from cone...

    what kind of glue can i slap on here? i've heard ca glue, 2 way flexible epoxy, mr. bond... what would be best... especially with the heat...

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    just a lil' slam for now.... tuned to 33hz!!!!!

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    Re: help... spider seperating from cone...

    Bump let's help guys

    Coming soon

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    Re: help... spider seperating from cone...

    Well considering the sub was put together with ca glue id use it and find a way to clamp it for a few hours ...what caused the issue is the question u need to ask...too much power ? clipping? over excursion ? improper box ? what sub?

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    Re: help... spider seperating from cone...

    if its a china made sub they dont use ca glue.

    put up a pix. reason being you could see some glue cracking or seperation cone to spider and not be a problem. as long as the parts arent loose and the spider is still glued to the former and so is the cone your fine.
    lots of time there is extra glue there and the spider if pushed hard enuff can seperate from the glue a bit,pix will tell all...

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