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Reload Thread: Sub Stuffing? Yes or No?

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    Sub Stuffing? Yes or No?

    Hey guys, I'm still new to this but I'm well on my way thanks to Trumpet but I was hoping to get a few more onions about sub box stuffing. I'm NOT going custom, the box I'm getting is: Sonic Sub Boxes 1H12-0.7-GRAY (1h1207-gray) Single 12" Hatchback (Internal Box Volume: 0.749 cubic ft.) and the sub I'm getting is : Dayton Audio RSS315HO-44 12" Reference HO DVC Subwoofer 295-467 (sealed volume recommended 0.49 ft.) Now I'm hearing NOT to stuff the box because the sub actually likes a SMALLER enclosure than I'm getting and the stuffing makes the sub think the box is larger but I'm also hearing the larger the box is the deeper the bass. What do I do? Both pieces are already ordered and shipped and that box is perfect for the amount of space I'm willing to give up in the trunk. This is for sound quality, not stripping paint.

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    Re: Sub Stuffing? Yes or No?

    I wouldn't stuff the box, the box is already pretty large.

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    Re: Sub Stuffing? Yes or No?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tenacious. View Post
    I wouldn't stuff the box, the box is already pretty large.
    With the woofer displacement it's roughly a tenth of a cube over spec, and with a 12" sealed box a tenth is nothing. If this was a 6.5" sub it would affect the output more, but I have and I still do recommend stuffing this box with that sub. Even generic loose polyfill pillow filler has made an audible difference to my ears. Purpose-made box filler should be even better. It's easy and cheap enough to try it.

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