I'm currently selling my Pioneer TS-W2000SPL's because while i like them, I'm most likely not going to go into competition with them. Judging from the SPL and transform magnitudes I got from WinISD these subs have a somewhat steep slope drop off under 40 Hz ported and I want something that is going to have a good response through the 30-40 Hz range, unfortunately these subs don't (although they have a nice 5 db jump over baseline in the 40's when ported @ 43Hz).

So right now I'm looking to spend about $200-300 on either two 12"'s or a single 12". The only thing that I have hampering me is that I have a JBL 1200.1 that is my main sub amplifier. Currently I was looking into ED's, RE's, Adire's, and PG's. I really want a sub that is going to have good low end in either a ported or sealed box. What do you guys think I should go with because I can't really decide which subs I want to get. I'm going for better SQ then the Premiers but SPL is still somewhat important and these subs need to be able to take 1200 watts total between 1 or 2 12's.