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Reload Thread: Opinions: old school JL AUDIO 10W6V1 vs NEW 10W6v2-D4 (+JBL 2235 MTX blue thunder)

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    Opinions: old school JL AUDIO 10W6V1 vs NEW 10W6v2-D4 (+JBL 2235 MTX blue thunder)

    Hi guys, I am building a new system around a bunch of pioneer GM H200 amps. I used to (back in the 1990's) have a pair of the JL Audio 10w6 (I think this was the one, they were dual voice coil and I would run them at 2 ohms...I think, anyway, bit rusty as it's been 20 years)! --- AND I had a second system with MTX Blur Thunders (1992 ish model) and then swapped them out for the JBL Professional 2235H subs... same amps GM H series Pioneers. I loved all 3 of these subs for different reasons, would have to say that the MTX and JBL were the top 2 and the JL 3rd, but it could have been the enclosure at the time, I got a little too creative and they didn't pound quite the way I wanted them to, someone stole the whole works before I could tweak it, but that's an whole different story!

    Question is this:
    Anyone here who's HEARD any of those above subs with good clean power who can give me a bit of an opinion as to whether they would buy older/used subs as noted above, OR would you go with the NEW/Equivalent models of JL Audio, or JBL. I am looking for a pair of 10's (8ohm duals?) for a ported box that would both have a mono GM H200 dedicated to each (most likely 4 ohm load).

    What can you guys suggest based on real life experience, not specs. I am leaning toward older JBL GTi series..or a newer JL audio pair....let's hear some suggestions!? I have the bug again. I am open to any suggestions, could be a completely different make/sub but I want to use 10" not 12's or 15's and anyone that has used the subs I have, I am curious what you think as I have been out of the game for a long time. I don't have TONS of room (jeep) and may just go with ONE 10. But am taking out the rear seats.
    (gear: gm h series amps c1992; jbl gti separates, pioneer cd 1000 or cd 635 x-over, front sound-stage only at this point)

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    Re: Opinions: old school JL AUDIO 10W6V1 vs NEW 10W6v2-D4 (+JBL 2235 MTX blue thunder

    If i have an itch to buy, ill get new equipment. if i were you i will venture out of JL, pioneer and JBL, you might be able to sell your old equipment for good $$ to use for your older equipment

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    Re: Opinions: old school JL AUDIO 10W6V1 vs NEW 10W6v2-D4 (+JBL 2235 MTX blue thunder

    The old JL W6 line was really clean loud sounding equipment. It was expensive and people paid(pay) dearly for it.

    I am an old schooler from the 90's also and love all the old MTX, JL, SoundStream, PG, etc..... These days, you can get a LOT more bang for the buck, in most cases. An equivalent sub that would cost $400 back in the 90's, is around $250 today. Amps are around 1/3 the price or less.

    I have heard the newer JL subs, W6 and W7 and am not impressed. There are subs that sound just as good for around 1/2 the price. I would say the majority of the subs in the $250 range that are more geared towards SQ or SQL will give the W6 a run for its money. TC, Fi, Image Dynamics, SSA, Tantric Sounds, DC, SA,etc.

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    Re: Opinions: old school JL AUDIO 10W6V1 vs NEW 10W6v2-D4 (+JBL 2235 MTX blue thunder

    Not many subs can compare to a W6 or W7. They are an acquired taste. If you really like that you won't like much else. If you kind of like it but like loud then the doors open up.

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    Re: Opinions: old school JL AUDIO 10W6V1 vs NEW 10W6v2-D4 (+JBL 2235 MTX blue thunder

    What's your budget look like? What are your goals?

    I've been around the scene since the late 80's and I can tell you that today's technology will destroy ANY of that stuff that we used to think was so great. IMO JL was great in the mid 90's and the W7 is pretty nice (though MSRP is about 3X what it's worth), but I wouldn't go out of my way for ANY JL product today. For all their overpriced hype they haven't really done anything new in over a decade.

    The JBL GTI MKII is one of the more highly regarded SQ subs going and will take loads of power. I'd vouch for anything TC Sounds as being solid performance, looks and sound.

    When you're buying amps, keep in mind that almost every brand you liked back 20 years ago is now cheap Chinese garbage. Soundstream, Orion, PPI, all the old Zed brands (Aototek, ESX, Hifonics, Lanzar, Crunch, US Accoustics, etc.)... Zed has their own brand now which are solid.

    Rockford Fosgate still has some decent amps, but you'll pay dearly for the ones worth owning, Kicker is about the same as it was as is Alpine, Pioneer, and Kenwood. Arc, Zapco, and Audison are still also as they were. The JL amps are a good product, but as with their woofers about 3X over priced for what they are.

    Many of the new brands will do great for amps, most of the new names in subs probably aren't what you're after, and as far as components, a lot of those have changed as well, but the Alpine lines are solid at their price point, JBL/Infinity is always good, and there's plenty of snobophile name brands which mostly are over priced, but whatever.

    Best to check here before you buy anything on what you remember though, and keep an eye on the classifieds section here.

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