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Reload Thread: Multiple subs vs single large sub

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    Re: Multiple subs vs single large sub

    way too many factors here to tell you an answer. I have always been a sealed and 4th order fan, becasuse I never cared about metereing or how loud the system got. That also doesnt mean that a good sealed box cant get loud. This was years ago, but I worked with a guy that had 6 sealed 10" solobarics. All subs faced up in his trunk. A few other guys we worked with were louder with their ported systems, but most couldnt play as low or sound as good as he did it. He basically had an sq system that could get loud. I have been in punishing ported systems with one or two subs on crazy power and electrical, but it all boils down to your goals, how much trunk you are willing to give up, and power and electrical on tap.

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    Re: Multiple subs vs single large sub

    Quote Originally Posted by FamousMassacre View Post
    Four DD Z2 Amps.

    Got any videos of this thing playing?

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    Re: Multiple subs vs single large sub

    Quote Originally Posted by denim View Post
    Correct, but the silly myth that sub-par audio shops keep telling people about how they think a 10" sub sounds better then an 18" sub as if the size of the cone has direct bearing on the sound quality or that the 10" sub plays higher and tighter etc.
    Yeah I agree. I have heard 2 sundown audio 15s vs 2 kicker comp 12s and I was amazed on how sundown sounded a lot cleaner, and for being 15s! Now I pay even more attention to the brand

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    Re: Multiple subs vs single large sub

    OK guys I am back on here. Well the main reason I was thinking of doing 4 12's is that my single 15 doesn't come alive until about 3/4 volume. I would like my system to be felt even at low volumes and am not sure how

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