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Reload Thread: My cone started rattling (expensive A$$ Eclipse Ti)

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    My cone started rattling (expensive A$$ Eclipse Ti)

    I've had a single 12" Eclipse Titanium since last april, and recently the cone started rattling. I think this is due to the change to a ported box that I recently made. For like the first 8 months I had it in a 1.2 cu ft sealed box, and it sounded good and hit good, but then I upgraded to a 1.7cu ft ported box that sounded just as good, but hit alot harder. I was thinking that maybe since its going to full excursion now in the ported box, the cone rattling problem started up. Actually it sounds and hits just as hard, just the cone rattles during hits. Could this subwoofer have just worn out or is something wrong with the box? Can I fix it?

    Other stuff to consider:
    - although properly tuned to 35hz - the port is tiny - although there isn't port noise, the mach must be pretty high
    - I am using the same amplifier that I was using when it was sealed - US Acoustics 1000D - 750w RMS at 2 ohms. That is the exact RMS of the sub, so I assume that even if the amp is overrated, the sub should be able to handle 750w-800w.
    - box tuned to 35hz - subsonic filter at 35hz
    - I did NOT buy this at an authorized Eclipse dealer, there is no warranty.
    - It has Quick Change Assembly (QCA) - maybe that would make it easier to fix.

    DECK - stock Acura-Bose Premium Sound w/ 6 CD-Changer
    SPEAKERS - 4 stock Bose & 2 stock 6x9's
    SUB - 12" Eclipse Titanium 9122
    AMP - US Acoustics USX-1000D
    EQ's - AudioControl Epicenter
    BOX - homemaid 1.7 cu. ft ported box @ 35hz (w/ neon & plexi)
    WIRE - 4 gauge w/ distribution and power blocks - KnuKonceptz
    DAMPENING - 50ft of Second Skin Damplifier
    CAR - 99 Acura 3.5 RL - V6 w/ 210hp - all stock
    NEXT - replace anything Bose, add HU, add navi

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    Re: My cone started rattling (expensive A$$ Eclipse Ti)

    I had a rattling problem with my eclipse aluminum. THe magnet had come loose from the structure that supports the cone and voice coil. There should be an audible rattle when you move the magnet around.

    1. Remove the rubber cover from the magnet.
    2. undo all the screws and take off the magnet.
    3. Make sure no damage was caused.
    4. Put the magnet back on and tighten up.
    5. Plug it in and see if it fixed it.

    Mine: CDT, Eclipse, Diamond Audio, Dayton, Aura

    Wifey: Infinity, Concept, Pioneer, Profile, JBL

    Refs: Ruckus, MSSOKC

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    Re: My cone started rattling (expensive A$$ Eclipse Ti)

    that *****, the subs just falling apart for all your custom enclosure needs
    Offering build service and expertise in the Tampa area as well as enclosures shipped nationwide!

    Check this thread for all the build logs being posted.

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