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Reload Thread: why two subs for normal use?

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    Re: why two subs for normal use?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kingstroker View Post
    so listening to different setups would not be advised? And if not at a local shop then where?
    I said nothing about not listening to setups, nor about not checking out a local shop. The person doing a demonstration can direct what the other person takes away from the experience, for better or for worse.

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    Re: why two subs for normal use?


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    Re: why two subs for normal use?

    OP has a ******

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    Re: why two subs for normal use?

    Quote Originally Posted by jcraft View Post
    Hi All,

    Just wondering on this. I currently have a pt cruiser with a single 12" sub in the rear fed byu a 200 watt amp. I have never been in a vehicle or heard a setup in a vehicle that had two subs so I have nothing to base this on. I know for mine when volume on HU is up to 3/4 ( all speakers have separate amp as well) the system is quite loud and the sub slams pretty hard to the point where you feel it and the airflow as well. I couldn't even imagine what two subs would sound like at that volume. Can people even listen to it this way or do you need to turn the gain way down on the subs then. if anyone out there has had one 12" and then went to two let me know what the difference is. IT is hard to believe if your not in competition, that you need this much sub power in a vehicle. Maybe someday I'll try it. Thx
    I've had 1,2,4,and6 sub set ups. I used to do car shows rarely did comps, I bersonally have always liked 2 subs rarely is any song have bass in stereo but I believe the choice is personally based on your preference. I like having my neighbors here me down the street that way they come and get me to build stuff or buy my stuff for there car. If you just like the full range sound 1 sub is fine you may like 2-10's instead of the 12's

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