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Reload Thread: Jbl gti

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    Re: Jbl gti

    Wow, anyone know where to get a 10" for a good price then? lol

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    Re: Jbl gti

    Quote Originally Posted by Spooney View Post
    100% agree with you. Ran mine temporarily on 200 watts and it sounded great and had plenty of output. Also ran higher power to them with awesome results. Going to be running a pair of these sealed very soon with a possible IB install with them in the future.
    What a sick install that will be....2 15GTI's!!! Wish I had the room to run those.

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    Re: Jbl gti

    [U]These are actually jbls high end pro audio subs.. used in stadiuma theatres and jbl is top of the line tech in pro sound.. interestingly these things are basically indestructible on a Burp. The motor topology protects it from overexcursion even on 2 crowns strapped.. over 10k watts. Even long term they have great heat dissipation due to the unique motor topology but down low 800 to 1k will get most of the performance out of.them.. still a very conservative rms spec on these.. very low distortion motor though and very controlled inductance... These will play 100hz+ with authority and still go low.. rarity these days in car audio

    Quote Originally Posted by sdmtnbiker420 View Post
    JL is for ballers. Theres a reason all the biggest rappers sing about JL, Zapco, Alpine..... and not Lightning audio or Pyle. It's all about the BALLER FACTOR.

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