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Reload Thread: advice on 8" slim subwoofer that can handle 300w rms

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    advice on 8" slim subwoofer that can handle 300w rms

    Hey guys,
    I am trying to put an 8" sub into an enclosure with the follow specs
    •Internal Volume: 0.32 Ft3
    •Speaker Mounting Depth: 4.4"
    •Speaker Cutout Diameter: 7"

    I would like to drive it with 300 to 350w rms. So far all subs I have found in that range are too deep. Are there any options to drive that kind of power in a 8" subwoofer under 4.4" deep?

    Thanks guys!

    Refs: Famous_78, hoss, alphabit1, lyttleviet, mossberg385t

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    Re: advice on 8" slim subwoofer that can handle 300w rms

    if you could find a way to increase your max depth a little i would suggest the new sundown sd2-8...made to do very well in small sealed enclosure from what ive seen but you would need 4.75" of depth

    another choice would be the jl 8w3v3 but again its 4.63" deep

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    Re: advice on 8" slim subwoofer that can handle 300w rms

    Ya if you can get a little more depth with a spacer I have a custom MA audio that would eork

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