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Reload Thread: What defines a subwoofer's SQ and SPL?

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    What defines a subwoofer's SQ and SPL?

    I've read that the DD 3500 poops on the JL W7 in SPL but gets pooped on in sound quality. I just don't understand how a sub can have poopy SQ but amazing SPL. Isn't the point of a subwoofer to move as much air as possible. (More air moved=louder) i thought like doir speakers are the only thing tgat really matter for SQ and that you'd want as much SPL as possible. Also where is the best place to buy DD 3500's? I can't seem to find a dealer for them

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    Re: What defines a subwoofer's SQ and SPL?

    It is far easier to make your audio loud then it is to have it "sound good" while doing it. The real question to ask is more of... "What is SQ?" For each person it is vastly different what that term means to them. In the end, 99% of most mobile electronic owners have no idea what SQ is or means. They just want it loud.

    As for DD, send them an email or give them a call. They will find a dealer near you to purchase from or you can buy at MSRP from them.

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    Re: What defines a subwoofer's SQ and SPL?

    How much air a sub can displace is only a small part of it. You have to also keep in mind the box design can be a large determining factor in how a sub performs.

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    Re: What defines a subwoofer's SQ and SPL?

    Look into things like moving mass, flux modulation... Actually, just start reading about the aspects of Klippel testing and it's related items and parameters.

    Quote Originally Posted by audioholic View Post
    Saying "clipping doesn't kill speakers" is a half-truth at best. Technically no, clipping itself does not hurt the speaker. But in clipping your amp, you can easily create a situation that WILL kill the speaker. Was the squared waveform the DIRECT cause of the failure? No. In the end, the answer is, always has been, and can only be... heat kills speakers. BUT, clipping increases heat generation, sometimes by a drastic amount. So to start a thread simply to state that clipping does not hurt speakers is, again, a half-truth at best.

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    Re: What defines a subwoofer's SQ and SPL?

    You want the speaker to play a note without adding anything that isn't in the recording. To judge this you have to listen to real instruments and then listen to a recording of real instruments, not synthesized bass. With subwoofers I've noticed that you'll hear differences in the definition of strings on a bass guitar, or the double kick pedal drums that can give your speakers a hard time. To my understanding, a lot of this comes from the motor. You want a motor with good control over the cone, so when the note stops the cone stops. Also, a design that aims to reduce distortion should sound better when pushed hard.

    Two very technologically advanced subwoofer designs are the JL W7 and the JBL GTI series. They both make for very interesting products to study if you want to find some buzz words to learn.

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