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Reload Thread: Can Someone Help Me Tune My JL Audio 500/1 Mono Amp?

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    Can Someone Help Me Tune My JL Audio 500/1 Mono Amp?

    I have a JL Audio 500/1 mono amp for my 10" W7

    Here's the specs on the box:
    Box Volume (net int.): 1.5 cubic feet
    Tuned to 35.33Hz
    F3: 32Hz
    Woofer Cutout Diameter: 8.74"
    Box weight: 37lbs.
    Dimensions ( W x H x D ): 23.25" x 13.5" x 14.5"

    Now I'd like to have a lot of bass! I wanna feel everything!

    What should my settings be at?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Can Someone Help Me Tune My JL Audio 500/1 Mono Amp?

    There are three things you need to consider.

    1. The gain level on the amplifier. The correct way to find the maximum "safe" position of the gain knob is to use the DMM method. You can find a link on this web site. In fact, I believe JL Audio manuals also tell you about the same method.

    2. The low pass crossover setting. I prefer to set this on the head unit and disable the low pass filter on the amplifier. Alternatively, if your head unit does no have low pass filter, then you can set it on the amplifier. The low pass filter setting is primarily for achieving a good blend with front speakers. 80Hz is a good starting point. I personally prefer to set this as low as possible as a lower low pass setting results in a mellower, less offending kick drum sound. I tried many settings and I always keep coming back to 63Hz@18dB. 80Hz = more punch, but doesn't sound good with a misbehaving recording with an exaggerated bass. If your front speakers don't play any bass, you pretty much have to use 80Hz or higher.

    3. Subsonic filter setting. In a ported enclosure, the enclosure does not control the excursion of subwoofer below tuning frequency. It's easy to bottom out the subwoofer. It's hard to say what the setting should be. For the subwoofer box tuned at or above 30Hz, I would start with a subsonic filter at 20Hz and move it up if subwoofer runs out of excursion and bottoms out.

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    Re: Can Someone Help Me Tune My JL Audio 500/1 Mono Amp?

    JLs are pretty reliable with their RMS ratings, so a DMM will work fine. An Oscilloscope is another viable method, and is more accurate in most cases.

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