Hey, I am going to be purchasing a sub to beef up my cars audio... I am thinking of buying a Alpine Type-R 10" (1041D) The sub handles 300RMS and 1000Peak. Now that I know what sub i am going to get I need to nkow what amp i can buy for it... I am currently looking at the Alpine MRD-M300 which puts out 300RMS at 2 Ohms... thats where the question comes... The sub is listed on the website as a (4ohm + 4ohm)... so will the Alpine MRD-M300 be putting 300RMS to this subwoofer? The ratings on the Amp are this from the Alpine site

RMS Power (at 14.4V,20Hz-200Hz)
Per channel into 2 ohms : 300W x 1
Per channel into 4 ohms : 150W x 1

so will the dual 4ohm sub run at 300RMS then??

and then as far as buying an install kit for the amp is it worth it to buy the Monster kits?? or if you know any other good ones let me know

Thanks - Josh