I bought this sub for fun and have been really impressed. It has a RMS of 400 watts and xmax around 27 or so and just pounds and sounds really nice on upper freq with a lot of punch and cranks out the lows. I think more ppl should look into these subs and I have owned them all. They are very efficient and balanced sounding. Very underrated brand in my opinion. I have it in a bandpass now in a .8 sealed and 1.1 ported tuned to around 50hz with a 4 inch aeroport and it is a good deal louder than in a 1.3 ported tuned to 32 hz and sounds better go figure. I spray painted the port blue for the hell of it. It looks better in person but something to do. Earthquake DBXI 10 inch sub-img-20130103-00053.jpg

Earthquake Sound DBXI-10D (DBXI10D) 10" Dual 4 Ohm Car Subwoofer