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    Subs sound different.. not 100% on the cause

    I know I'll get called stupid here, but oh well. I had a 99 Firebird and now have an 04 quad cab dodge. I took my subs out of the firebird and just hooked them up in the Dodge in the same box to add a little bass until I get a box built for the truck. They sound....shallow I guess. I figure, overall, the size of the cab of each vehicle is about the same, or at least not different enough to make this big of a difference. Is it because the subs aren't sitting in a trunk or anything? I know that switching vehicles will change the sound, but the kick behind the bass is almost completely gone, despite the fact that you can still hear bass. I know this is hard to understand, but I am just kind of looking for reassurance that they will go back to their original powerful sound once I get my box built specifically for the truck.

    Side note: I've checked and they are not out of phase. All wires are connected correctly and all the equipment is identical to the Firebird.

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    Re: Subs sound different.. not 100% on the cause

    they are not in the trunk anymore ,when subs and box are placed in a trunk it works like a 4th or 6th order enclosure

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    Re: Subs sound different.. not 100% on the cause

    gotta love cabin gain/cabin effects. -_- much simpler to tune enclosures in a house. lol


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    Quote Originally Posted by double 07 View Post
    Sub cutout got a little skar on blamed round over bit bearing came flying off.......LOL.......
    Quote Originally Posted by gckless View Post
    A little Skar on it? Was it a B-stock bit?
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