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    Replacement subs???


    I'm looking to purchase two replacement subs for my boat. The boxes are seperate and mounted under the dash of the boat. They are also fiberglassed so water is not a concern. My issues are air space, cutout diamter, and top mount depth of the subs. I currently have some old MB Quart rwe 304 12"s in there. They were decent subs that performed well for what I need them to do. After several, several summers of abuse one of them appears to be letting go. They are powerd by a Fosgate p8002 with 400 watts/rms per sub. The boxes are sealed with 1.05 cubic feet of air space each. Now, with all that being said, I'm not looking to shake the boat apart or dump large amounts of cash into high end replacements. I just need something that will add some decent bass and be fairly durable.

    Due to the limited air space and box dimensions, I have about 6.5" of top mount depth to consider. I am not changing anything except the woofers, at least until the sub amp needs replacing.

    What would you recommend for replacement woofers that are somewhat comparable to these old MB Quart. (500 watt rms DVC 4ohm)
    I am considering these two based on price, recommended air space, and power handling, but would be open for suggestions as I am getting older and haven't been in the audio game for sometime.
    1) kicker 10CVR124
    2) Polk db1240dvc
    3) rockford p2d4dvc (cutout diameter would be pretty tight with how the boxes are made).

    The rest of the system is 3sets Polk MM 6501um's and one set of tower speakers with the db 651 (until they die then I plan on replacing with the mm).

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    Re: Replacement subs???

    What is your budget for subs?

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    Re: Replacement subs???

    Tidal audio 12's..they are image Dynamics Id's rebadged..$70 sealed boxes..those pwe's do not

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    Re: Replacement subs???

    Seems like the rest of your stuff is polk why not go with the MM 1240 they are marine certified only have 4 15/16" mounting depth ,have decent excursion and like small sealed enclosures

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