View Poll Results: SPG 555 13" or 2 L7 10s??

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  • Boston Acoustics SPG555 13" (no box)

    20 57.14%
  • 2 Kicker L7 10" (prefab)

    15 42.86%
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Reload Thread: good is this OVAL sub??

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    Re: good is this OVAL sub??

    Quote Originally Posted by Suicide Bobb View Post
    I think you should quit worrying about it at this point. You have the sub right? Why worry about the others now?

    Focus on saving up for an enclosure tailored the the t/s parameters of the Boston. It's cheaper if you can build it yourself, but that's not necessarily as easy as it sounds. Box building isn't for everyone, I personally hate doing it.
    This ^^^

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    Re: good is this OVAL sub??

    Just get a proper ported enclosure built for it, and it'll outshine what you had those L7s on all day.

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    Re: good is this OVAL sub??

    Quote Originally Posted by murph View Post
    So much fail in this post. You had the l7's on 300rms in a prefab tuned probably to 45-50hz of course it only hit one range of bass. Next you underpowered the shit out of those kickers and over doubled your power on the next sub which by science a 3db gain. The SPG is in a sealed which will give a much flatter response over a range of frequencies than a prefab ported would ever do.
    well thats the point i was trying to are the L7s still better? 1200w rms running on a 1/4th of its recommended power? i dont see that being louder regardless of what box those subs were in. and im not worried about the other subs...i was just making a point as to why other continue to vote for the L7s when there was basically no way they were better than the BA sub. not at all. id have to get a whole other Amp just to get the output i wanted. I clearly see the BA being the clear choice...wasnt so clear then but hey. im not someone who builds boxes..and if its possible maybe i would..but i have no tools whatsoever. box builders are also quoting upwards of 120...thats completely out of my box budget for now

    Boston Acoustics SPG555 13"
    Kicker KX600.1

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