I have a 19ov.2 and the enclosure elemental designs sells. The 19ov.2 lasted about a day i never got around to sending it back now i see elemental designs has went belly up. I have a extended cab f250. I have owned a good bit of older ed stuff my favorite sub i ever owned was a aluminum cone ed 15av. Well i needed a new sub so i orderd a sundown Sa15 they seem to have pretty good reviews and i read somewhere someone mentioning they were over built and thats the type of stuff i like.

Anyway im stuck with the 19ov.2 box which is 3.5 cf tuned to 32hz Im going to get a local audio shop to make a baffle or something to convert it over to a 15 box. This will increase the box size a little so would this mess with tuning much and if so would my tuning go up or down?

How does the sa15 compare to Eds old 15av. (they were originally a flat coned sub but had massive joint failures so released an aluminum cone version.) The motor structure seems the same size and the power handling is around the same just curious if anyone has ever had experience with both.