Nightshades have quite a bit more motor force than the SA's do. Despite what people tend to think, bigger subs with more powerhandling dont' need more power to "get moving". Excursion vs power input is a function of box size and motor force. Bigger boxes are more effecient and the sub will move more with less input. A more powerful motor is also more efficient and will provide more excursion with similar power levels, keeping box size constant. The SA's have more cone area, but thermal powerhanding differences is negligible on 2k of power as both subs can take it with ease and neither will come near power compression or xmax. However, the Nightshade is going to make up some ground due to motor force and higher excursion it entails. Also, a nightshade will need a slightly smaller box and in alot of vehicles that aren't walled that can lead to a improved cabin gain.