ok, im trying to decide if i want to run 2 subs or just one. since @splaudio is building some beefy 8's i am goign to get one and sell my ID8's. since i only have a little bit of power to run whatever i get for the moment im thinking i should just pick up a D2 version so i can wire it to 4 ohms(4 ohm stable amp) and be done with it. BUT i may end up getting a new amp as well and i will have decent power to run 2. only problem is the amp(my old TMA 500.1 that i sold to a family member) is only 2 ohm stable. when its all said and done ill probobly have ~400 bux to spend for box, sub(s) and an amp if i go buy one.

my other option is to keep my ID8s for my Home Theater, and spend the 400 on an amp and SPLaudio sub for the car. buuuuut im not sure that the misses will let me do that. either way i really want one of the 8's that he is building, i just cant decide if i want to get 2 and run them both in my HT, get 1 and run it in my car, or get 2 and run one in my car and one in my HT.