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Reload Thread: One 12 or two 10's.

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    Re: One 12 or two 10's.

    Quote Originally Posted by audiobaun View Post
    Try the big three first,and run what you have, and if you are still needing more power(assuming you may) get a large AGM when you get a chance.You can google up info for different types of batts and theyre applications ect/Free info,Yet, An Agm batt is what will be needed in your case to keep up with the demand.A good one that will fit your budget, and your needs.If you could fit a Kinetick 2000, or larger and have the funds for it now, Id get it and run it,or budget wise/as I have done, that Orileys Super Start Agm with no issues for my needs, and Im running approx 800x2 true rms for subs, and 150 x2 for mids and highs along with approx 50-75x4 on tweets and rear fill
    Cool, thanks man. I am definitely going to look into my options. I appreciate everyone's help and patience! Happy Thanksgiving.

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    Re: One 12 or two 10's.

    Hey guys I can't really afford a Kinetic battery but will one of these Super Start Extreme Part Number: 78EXT be a good upgrade till I can save up the money for a better one? Or even be good enough not to need an upgrade?
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