I currently have a JL w6v2 and Hifonics BX1500D (just bought the amp). I bought the JL 8 months ago and just got it replaced brand new from my local stereo shop (it stopped working seven days ago for no reason). I sold the amp that was powering the JL and bought the Hifonics. Soon I'll be putting the JL up on ebay and getting a replacement sub and box. Obviously, after reading through a lot of posts, I bought the Hifoncis and was about to get a 15" XXX but I'm having second thoughts. In particular I have boiled things down to these choices:

1. hifonics bx1500d w/ 15" XXX in 4 cubes ported to 30hz
2. tsunami db1800 w/ 2 Magnum D2s (12s or 15s) in 4 cubes sealed

Those are my choices because my trunk can fit 4 cubes barely. It is a '92 325i. I am looking for somewhere between 50/50 and 60/40 spl/sq. Now I know I can easily use a 15" Magnum D2 instead of the XXX (for option 1) but since I already have the Hifonics I have boiled down my choices to the two above since Magnums aren't as expensive. (Magnums seem to be the best value for the boom.)

Also, where is Stereo Integrity located? I know RE is in vegas.