Hey I have a 15" solobaric L7 Kicker. I noticed today while i was playing some music, that the subwoofer started to smell funny, so i cut the volume down and drove home and pulled the sub out. The box smelt terrible so did the sub. I Visually inspected the box and sub and could not find the source of the smell. There were no signs of smoke or melted stuff or anything like that.
So i broke out the DMM and checked the coils for resistance. Coil 1 read 4.0ohms, while the second coil read only 2.5 ohms. Is this a problem why isnt it 4 like the other coil?
When they are wired up together I get 1.7 ohms when I would expect to get 2 ohm.
IS this ohm reading any indication if the sub is okay or not?