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I also think back to how many subs ive had and how many of the ones with foam surrounds end up tearing because something in the trunk hit it and how many with rubber surrounds took a better beating. Sure I should have been more carefull and not let stuff hit the sub or rest against it...once it was the pipe on my nitro rc truck another time it was the guard on my helmet and once a wrench fell behind the seat in my lightning and i didnt know it...couple hours of bassing the sound got muddy and i titled the seat to find the surround had pretty much turned to dust after being cut by the open end of the wrench and it flexing against it and the seat lol.
Most noticeable downfall like you said, it will tear easier most likely from rubbing. It's kindof like the difference between metal doors and plastic. Plastic wont dent, but will break, whereas is doesnt take much to dent metal.. Rubber wont be as likely to tear from something unless its sharp, whereas Ive had the foam tear off from something very dull.