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    Working backwards: subs to fit the amp

    Alright guys here goes:

    Currently running 2 rf p3d210's(2011 model, 400watts rms/ea) wired at 2 ohms with a custom made box tuned to 32hz. My entire subwoofer setup was based on a ss rubicon 1600d that I picked up basically new about 5 weeks agon. Recently I came across an amazing deal on a dd m1c which I couldn't pass up which resulted in a subwoofer amplifier change. Now here comes my question:

    I need 2 reasonably priced woofers that can take everything the m1c can throw at them and then some. Please, while offering suggestions, take into account that I am driving a 2009 Chrysler 300 with stock electrical with a 140amp alt, 1/0 awg stock power wire from alt to batt in trunk, 4 awg ofc ground from batt tor chass, and 4 awg pwr/grnd designated for the subwoofer amp.

    I am willing to upgrade my electrical if necessary and will gladly take that criticism if warranted but I am really looking for 2 subs (10" or 12") that can do what I need them to.

    I am a cruel sarcastic bastard myself so feel free to troll my newbie *** all day as long as one or two of the responses help me out. Thanks for your help in advance.

    - Cra5h

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    Re: Working backwards: subs to fit the amp

    Why not just go with 1 sub? Idk how big the trunks are in those 300 tho. Everyone will say sundown, SSA, skar, DD, AQ, maybe FI, so just look into those brands with the model that suits the power you have

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    Re: Working backwards: subs to fit the amp

    I'd suggesting adding 1/0 wire for the ground if you got it for the power wire.

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