What's up guys. I'm new to the forum. This is my first post.
I'm in the market for a new vehicle right now that this system will be going into. Daily driver set up. Itll be some kind of suv not sure what yet. But right now I have (2) 12 Orion hcca 4 ohm wired at 1 on an MTX te4001D. I haven't been able to open the amp up to full power yet I have a stock alt (140A) the big 3 done an extra battery (stinger spv71) and 1/0 runs. Now I'm looking for a ground pounder that can put up good number on the meter. I'm not huge on sq but I'd like a musical woofer with ALOT of output. I will be using my MTX amp on whatever subs I decide to run with. Now my options are, keep the hcca's, or a single (MAYBE 2) LMS ultra 18's, pair of AA mayhem 12's, pair of fully loaded BTL 12's, a pair of IA death penalty 12's, pair of DD9512's or 4 FI Q 12's. What do you guys recommend for my situation? All woofers would be in enclosures built by "Dave the box guy". All would be ported and tuned for daily. I have just over 4k to fox with and my electrical will be beefed up to run 4k. I love my Orion's but their in a sealed off trunk ( Cadillac) with not enough power. Will they be worth it in an suv with proper electrical? Thanks for any input guys it's greatly appreciated! Oh and I'll throw (4) 12" IDMAX in there too! Thanks!