New to this site. I currently am running a budget system in my '04 Tundra:
Kenwood DDX516
Polk 6.5 Components
JL 300/4
MRP M1000
12" Memphis Mojo in a downfire sealed box.

I just stuffed the mojo in there for the time being but it didnt last long. I've had several mainstream subs through the years but always came back to my old trusty mojo or my Pioneer 3002D4s. Any ways I came on here to get some suggestions. I have read good things about rebuilds on the mojo but have no great shop I trust in Austin,TX... There may be one but they all want to sell me kicker and JL crap.

My question is what 12" sub would be best in approx. 1.15 ft3 sealed box for max SPL and some type of quality.... I've seen ppl talk about SPL Audio doing rebuilds and wanting to see if its worth it or what sub would fit me best. I'm running a Alpine MRP M1000 and dont want to change it out.

Any advice? Sure I'll take some critism for all the mix match components but running my current levels and switchable crossovers it sounds good to me.