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Reload Thread: trade in for jl 12w7ae and jl HD 1200/1

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    trade in for jl 12w7ae and jl HD 1200/1

    Hey guys, I was an audio shop by me the other day and iv been going back and forth about trading in the JL 12w7 and HD1200/1 cause how power hungry it is, on the car. long story short I just am wondering what you guys think about if its a decent trade or what I should ask for instead if i wanted to do it with the audio shop. They offered me two 12s rockerford p2s or p3s I believe it was, in a ported box made for them, with a rockford would this be or would I end up real mad sound quality once I left the place and heard them. the shops by me dont have a lot of the soundstream stuff or alpine, mostly rockford, kicker, jl and then some cheaper ones, I was seeing maybe a set 2 12s or something i could for it that would use less power be less amps drawing but still hit good and be able to be loud.

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    Re: trade in for jl 12w7ae and jl HD 1200/1

    I'll buy the Rockford stuff and you can trade your JL to me!

    "power hungry" : Have you upgraded your electrical...?

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    Re: trade in for jl 12w7ae and jl HD 1200/1

    Meh... I'd just sell it or return it or something and get a good deal on better stuff. how much did you pay for the sub and amp together from a store anyways? Musta been at least $1,000....

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