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Reload Thread: DD 1512 or AQ SDC2.5-10-D4???

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    DD 1512 or AQ SDC2.5-10-D4???

    I'm looking at upgrading my current cheap sub setup with something more. I can buy a used DigitalDesigns 1512 (just one) or two new Audioque SDC2.5-10-D4's for similar prices. Which one would be my best option for sound quality and decibels? I have also considered Alpine Type-R's but I would want to get two making it a slightly more than my budget.

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    Re: DD 1512 or AQ SDC2.5-10-D4???

    ^LOL at your sig. To the OP, I have 2 SDC2.5 12s on an AQ2200D and they pound. Box is 4.3 cubes tuned to 32.5 Hz.
    You can't go wrong with digital designs, Or AQ. You could also look at DC LVL2s, or sundown SA-10s. I wouldn't put the type Rs in the same class as all the other subs mentioned though.

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    Re: DD 1512 or AQ SDC2.5-10-D4???

    How old is the DD?

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    Re: DD 1512 or AQ SDC2.5-10-D4???

    I'd do the 2 SDC's assuming you have around 1200-1500watts for them. Type R's can get loud but sound like *** IMO.

    Box should be around 3cubes net with 48^2 of port area. Do not do a prefab for them.

    I'm 25 minutes from Racine, so if you need a box built shoot me a PM.

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