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    I think i have a port tuning problem.....

    Hello all,

    I have two Audiopipe iPipe TXX-APX-12B 800w rms 4ohm DVC subs, powered by a Hifonics Brutus BRZ 1700.1D. I have a Kinetik HC600B 850 Amp cap cell in the trunk feeding the power and all wiring, both power and ground is 1/0 GA.

    The problem I am having is the boxes. The manufacturer of the subs reccommends each sub to have 2.4 cu. ft. of air space with a tuning frequency of 27hz. I purchased a rather high quality pre-fab box, made with 1" MDF, it is 4.7 cu. ft. (2.35 cu. per sub), tuned at 31.5 HZ. This box however, would not fit into my Malibu by mere inches So i used two single slot ported enclosures I had around, 2.25 cu. ft. each, but tuned high at like 39Hz.... Needless to say it isnt anywhere near as loud as expected, ESPECIALLY on lower frequency bass. My trunk is small so when the subs and ports are facing back, there is very little air space around the box for the bass to travel back into the cabin. Yet when the subs and ports are walled into the cabin, the bass distorts and my low end frequencies suffer even more. So I guess my two questions are would it be THAT beneficial for me to slightly modify my car to accustom the lower tuned box? And which way should i face them? Also, theoretically the subs are getting plenty of power, yet they dont seem to move alot. Could this be because of the box? Sorry for the long post but I wanted to include as much info as possible. Thanks in advance and any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Re: I think i have a port tuning problem.....

    it sounds like u have something else wrong with your system other than slightly less than recomended airspace.
    maybe one is out of phase with the other. maybe wired to 16 ohms.

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